Civil aircraft


Diverse selection of civil aircraft

In our civil aircraft category, modelers will find an extensive selection of detailed model kits. This category includes a variety of aircraft types, from passenger aircraft to private jets, which are available in various scales. Our models offer both beginners and experienced modelers the opportunity to expand their skills and create realistic replicas of famous civilian aircraft. Each model is carefully constructed and offers a precise fit as well as authentic details.

Airbus and Boeing models

Particularly noteworthy are our models from the well-known aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing. These include the Airbus A330-300 and the Airbus A340-300, both in Lufthansa's new livery, as well as the Boeing 747-8, also in Lufthansa's livery. These models are known for their high level of detail and faithful replicas. They include detailed decal sheets and an exact replica of the cabin and wing details, making them a highlight in any model aircraft collection.

Accessories and Paints

In addition to the aircraft models, we also offer a wide range of accessories and liveries that are specially designed for civil aircraft. From high-quality paints and brushes to special adhesives and tools, modelers will find everything they need to build and design their models with us. Our accessories are designed to facilitate the construction process and provide a professional finish. By using our true-to-the-original Lufthansa decal sheets, you can also make your models even more realistic.