Buses & commercial vehicles


Versatile selection of buses and commercial vehicles

In the "Buses and Commercial Vehicles" category of the Revell Online Shop, model building enthusiasts will find a comprehensive selection of detailed models. This category offers a wide range of kits that include both historic and modern vehicles. Each model is carefully designed to ensure a realistic representation of the original vehicles. The selection ranges from urban buses to robust commercial vehicles that are used in various areas of application.

Exclusive models for discerning model builders

For discerning model builders, the Revell online shop offers exclusive models such as the Büssing 8000 S 13 with trailer in the "Platinum Edition". This model is characterized by its high level of detail and the use of high-quality materials. Also available is the London Bus, which recreates the iconic silhouette of London's famous double-decker buses. These models are ideal for collectors and offer a challenging building experience.

Emergency vehicles for realistic scenarios

In addition to classic buses and commercial vehicles, the category also includes specialized emergency vehicles such as the Schlingmann TLF 16-25. This model of a tank fire truck is perfect for modelers who want to recreate realistic rescue scenarios. With its detailed replica and functional elements, the Schlingmann TLF 16-25 offers an authentic building experience and adds an important emergency vehicle to any model building collection.

Discover the variety and detail of the models in the "Buses and Commercial Vehicles" category and expand your collection with high-quality kits from Revell.