Model making


Extensive range of model kits

In the Revell Online Shop, model builders and hobby model builders will find a large selection of high-quality model kits. The "Model Making" category offers detailed models in various scales for beginners and advanced users. The offer includes, among other things, historical ship models, military vehicles, aircraft and railways.

Detailed military vehicles and ship models

For lovers of military vehicles and ships, the "Model Making" category offers an impressive selection. Models such as the "battleship HMS Duke of York" or the "Scout Car Fennek" are faithfully reproduced and make building a realistic and exciting experience. The model of the famous battleship "Bismarck" is also available and sets standards in terms of detail.

Diverse aircraft models

Model builders interested in airplanes will find a wide range of models of different eras and types in this category. Of particular note are the light multipurpose helicopter "Alouette II" and the modern "Eurofighter Typhoon (single seater)". The exclusive model "Eurofighter Rapid Pacific Exclusive Edition" offers additional details and a special design that will delight collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Historic locomotives and railway models

Railway enthusiasts will also find a large selection of historic and modern locomotive models in the Revell Online Shop. A special highlight is the "express train locomotive S3-6 BR18(5) with tender 2'2'T", which impresses with its historical significance and detailed reproduction. These models are not only a visual enrichment, but also a technical challenge to assemble.

The wide selection of model kits in the Revell online shop allows model builders to expand their collection and improve their skills. Each model offers unique details and challenges that make model building a fulfilling hobby.