Model Ships in the Revell Online Shop

The Revell online shop offers a diverse selection of model ships for model builders and hobby model builders. This category includes a wide range of vessels, including historic warships, modern cruise ships, and functional workboats. Each model impresses with detailed replicas and a high level of precision that allows the modeler to experience maritime history and technology in miniature format.

Historic warships

In the category of historic warships, you will find detailed models of famous ships that played a role in significant naval battles. A highlight is the Bismarck, a German battleship of World War II known for its impressive firepower and armor. Another notable model is HMS Victory, the flagship of Admiral Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. These models offer a detailed replica and are ideal for history buffs and experienced modelers.

Modern ships and cruise ships

For lovers of modern ships, the Revell online shop also offers a wide selection. Particularly noteworthy are the models of AIDA cruise ships, such as AIDAblu, AIDAsol, AIDAmar and AIDAstella. These models impress with their detailed design and the reproduction of the striking painting and structure of the originals. The container ship "Colombo Express" is also one of the modern models that impress with their size and attention to detail. These ship models are great for modelers interested in modern shipping.

Functional and work vessels

The functional and work vessel category includes models such as the Harbour Tug Boat and the Tug Boat Smit Houston, which play important roles in port operations and towing tasks. Another interesting model is the German Type IX C-40 U190 submarine, known for its operations in World War II. The R.M.S. Titanic, probably the most famous passenger ship in history, rounds off this category. These models offer a variety of details and features that make model making even more realistic and are ideal for modelers who are passionate about the technical aspects of shipping.

Due to the precise replica and the high quality of the model kits in the Revell online shop, each ship becomes a unique project. Discover the diversity and history of shipping through our extensive range of model ships.