Vehicles - Second World War


Model vehicles of the Second World War

The category "Vehicles of the Second World War" in the Revell online shop offers a wide selection of detailed model kits that faithfully reproduce the historic vehicles of this time. Model builders and hobbyists will find a variety of tanks, military vehicles and other significant vehicles that were used in World War II. These models are characterized by high detail and quality, which makes them a perfect choice for discerning model-making enthusiasts.

Selected models and their special features

Outstanding models in this category include the Churchill A.V.R.E., a British tank with special equipment for attacking fortified positions, and the German Jagdpanther Sd.Kfz.173, known for its effective anti-tank defense. Other notable models include the Sd.Kfz. 234-2 Puma, an armored reconnaissance vehicle, and the Marder I – 7.5cm Pa.K. 40 (Sf.) on FCM 36(f), a French chassis converted by the Germans to anti-tank systems. Each of these models impressively brings out the historical significance and technical features of the original vehicles.

Historical accuracy and model details

The model kits in this category are known for their historical accuracy and the fine details that make them stand out. The T-34-76 Model 1940 is an excellent example of Soviet tank history, reflecting its rugged construction and use in war. Each model comes with precise building instructions that guide the modeler through the assembly process. These models offer not only a fulfilling building experience, but also an educational journey into the past of military engineering.

Discover the variety and precision of the model vehicles of the Second World War in the Revell online shop and enrich your collection with these historical masterpieces.