Discover the world of Porsche model kits – perfection in miniature

Immerse yourself in our exclusive selection of Porsche model kits that will make every collector's heart beat faster. From legendary racing cars to the timeless classics, each kit offers detailed building pleasure for fans of all ages. Experience the precision and aesthetics of Porsche in 1:24 scale and discover model building as a passion that combines skill and technical understanding. Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts!

Our models at a glance

Porsche 911 G Model Coupé

Immerse yourself in the world of the legendary Porsche 911 G Model Coupé on a scale of 1:24. This kit consists of 109 precise parts and offers an authentic building experience. Perfect for fans aged 10 and up, it combines easy assembly with realistic details such as a movable hood and rotating wheels.

Porsche 934 RSR Jägermeister

Experience the racing legend with the Porsche 934 RSR Jägermeister model kit. Capturing the essence of the famous GT race car, this kit comes with 104 pieces and spectacular Jägermeister design. Suitable for modelers aged 10 and over, this kit promises a dynamic and detailed model experience.

Porsche 911 G Model Targa

The Porsche 911 G Model Targa model kit in 1:24 scale lets you experience the charm of the classic Targa. With 114 parts, a movable bonnet and a removable roof centre, this kit offers extra detailed building pleasure and is ideal for lovers of classic designs.

Porsche 934 RSR "Martini"

Capture the spirit of motorsport with the Porsche 934 RSR "Martini" model kit. This model kit includes true-to-life bodywork, moving parts and the signature Martini décor to bring the race car to life. Ideal for fans of historic racing.

Gift Set Jägermeister Motor Sport 50th Anniversary

Celebrate 50 years of motorsport history with the Jägermeister 50th Anniversary model kit. This set has everything you need to create an authentic model of the Porsche 934 RSR, including the engine and moving parts. A must for lovers of the Jägermeister Racing Team.

Porsche 918 Spyder

The model kit of the Porsche 918 Spyder leaves nothing to be desired. With a detailed eight-cylinder engine, electric motors and a faithful replica of the interior, this kit offers the ultimate building experience and reflects the innovative technology and design of the 918 Spyder.

Background information on the Porsche brand

Porsche has always stood for exceptional performance and timeless design. Revell's model kits make it possible to recreate a piece of this fascinating history at home. Whether you are a passionate collector or a hobbyist, the attention to detail and precision of Porsche kits will immerse every enthusiast in the world of automotive engineering. From the classic elegance of the 911 Targa to the futuristic innovation of the 918 Spyder, discover the diversity and heritage of Porsche in every model.