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Visible V-8 Engine Model Kit 1:4

You can expect a fascinating journey into the world of technology with the Visible V-8 Engine model kit in an impressive 1:4 scale. With a total of 320 parts, this kit not only brings you closer to the fun of tinkering, but also to the functioning of a V8 engine. The model, with a length of 310 mm, is a great addition to any collection and an outstanding display object.

What's in the box:

  • Rubber fan belt and vinyl ignition wires for an authentic detail experience
  • Movable pistons that make learning interactive
  • Screwdriver for instant assembly
  • Elegant engine display stand to display your masterpiece
  • Hand crank to demonstrate crankshaft, pistons and valves – watch the engine in action!

This model kit is classified as Level 3 and is therefore suitable for all those who have already gained some experience in model building and appreciate easy gluing and painting. Ideal for all model building fans aged 10 and over. A great craft project that will help expand your collection as well as your understanding of the technique.

Special features:

What makes this kit special is the innovative representation of the moving parts, which makes it possible to recreate the mechanism of a real V8 engine. In addition, there are the prefabricated parts that facilitate assembly and ensure the quality of the final product.

Background information:

The V8 engine is more than just a piece of technology – it has a history. As early as 1904, the French company Antoinette developed the first known V8 engine for aircraft construction. But it was the Cadillac L-Head engine that shaped the automotive world between 1914 and 1935 and introduced the first V8 engine for vehicles. To this day, the V8 is a symbol of power and is loved by car fans and motorsport fans worldwide.