Geschenkset Space Shuttle, 40th. Anniversary

Level 5

Dimensions: 6 x 4.25 x 1.17 cm

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Space Shuttle 40th Anniversary Gift Set - Detailed replica in 1:72

Product description:

Discover the Space Shuttle 40th Anniversary Gift Set, a masterpiece of model building in an impressive 1:72 scale. This high-quality kit, consisting of 111 precise parts, brings the fascination of space travel directly to your home. With a length of 489 mm, a height of 220 mm and a wingspan of 360 mm, this model is a real eye-catcher. Recommended for model building enthusiasts aged 13 and over, this model with its Level 5 difficulty level requires both skill and patience.

Scope of delivery:

  • Plastic model kit (not assembled)
  • Illustrated, multilingual building instructions
  • Decals Paints
  • (Revell Aqua Color)
  • Brush
  • Adhesive (Revell Contacta Professional Mini)
  • Additional features: Removable cockpit roof, movable elements, detailed replicas

Ideal for advanced modelers and fans of space history. This model is great for exhibitions or as a highlight in any collection.

Special features:

  • Detailed cockpit and realistic tile structure
  • Removable cockpit roof and opening cargo hold doors
  • Two crew figures, detailed landing gear, movable rudder
  • Removable ESA space laboratory, movable transport arm
  • Thrusters and super decal with identifiers of Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour

Background information:

The Space Shuttle, developed by NASA, revolutionized space travel with its reusability. The space shuttle could carry up to 24.5 tons of payload and 7 astronauts into low Earth orbit. The first flight of the "Columbia" on April 12, 1981 marked a milestone in the history of space travel. With this model, you hold a piece of this fascinating era in your hands.

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