Geschenkset "Conflict of Nations WWII Series"

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Conflict of Nations: WWII Exclusive Set - Immerse yourself in history with these highly detailed tank models!

Welcome to the Conflict of Nations: WWII Exclusive set, a unique opportunity for history enthusiasts and model building enthusiasts. In this set, you'll find two top-of-the-line 1:72 scale model kits - the legendary T-34/85 and the dreaded Tiger I. With a total of 317 parts, you can recreate these iconic tanks in great detail.

The dimensions of these models are impressive, and their levels of realism will delight even experienced modelers. The precise recreation of every facet of these tanks, from the distinctive gun barrels to the authentic paintwork, guarantees a model-making experience at the highest level.

What's in the box:

  • T-34/85 model kit
  • Tiger I model kit
  • high-quality glue
  • brush set
  • palette with
  • paints 80-page book with extensive historical context and fascinating details about both tanks

This exclusive set is aimed at modelers of all levels of experience, be they beginners, intermediate or experts. It offers an educational experience for history buffs who are passionate about the tanks of World War II. These models are ideal for exhibitions, historical replicas, and collections.

Special features:

  • Innovative construction techniques for the highest level of detail.
  • Prefabricated and painted parts for a smooth building experience.
  • Officially licensed models that ensure authenticity.
  • The annual expansion promise allows you to continuously expand your collection and discover new historic tanks.

Background information:

The T-34/85 and the Tiger I are tanks that have gone down in World War II history. The T-34/85, a symbol of the Soviet arms industry, was known for its maneuverability and reliability. The Tiger I, on the other hand, was a feared German heavyweight that commanded respect with its thick armor and deadly firepower. Learn more about the fascinating history and crucial role of these tanks in our 80-page book that comes with this set.