P-Series Arado AR E.555

Level 4

Dimensions: 3.86 x 2.48 x 0.67 cm

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P-Series - AR555 Model Kit: A Treasure for Collectors and Aviation Enthusiasts

For collectors and fans of aviation history, the P-Series - AR555 1:72 scale model kit offers a unique opportunity to create a piece of fictional history. This exclusive kit includes 98 precision-engineered parts that can be used to faithfully recreate a long-range flying wing bomber – an aircraft design that was planned but never realized. With a length of 220 mm, a height of 52 mm and a wingspan of 292 mm, this model bomber is an impressive collector's item. Suitable for model building enthusiasts aged 12 and over, this Level 4 kit is an appealing challenge, especially for those who enjoy gluing and painting.

What's in the box:

  • Unassembled plastic model kit
  • Illustrated, multilingual building instructions
  • Authentic decals

This kit is ideal for advanced (Level 4) modelers who want to further develop their attention to detail and craftsmanship skills. It mainly appeals to collectors and history buffs who are enthusiastic about special chapters of aviation history.

Special features:

  • Highly detailed fuselage parts and six engines for lifelike display
  • Part of the P-Series, showcasing unique, never-realized aviation designs
  • Attractive special packaging that stands out in any collection
  • A significant contribution to the "Myths of Aviation History" seriesBackground

information: The P-Series

The P-Series is a special collection in model making that focuses on aircraft and vehicles that were only available on the drawing board. This series highlights the "what if" scenarios of aviation history and offers collectors and aviation enthusiasts an exciting insight into alternative designs. The AR555, as part of this series, embodies a visionary design from the mid-20th century and expresses the progressive ideas and technical dreams of the era. The P-Series - AR555 model kit is therefore more than a hobby project; it is a key to a world full of innovations and unrealized visions in aviation history.

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Learn about the fictional ideas, the challenges of development, and the legacy of this aviation wonder, considered one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history. Make your model come alive by understanding the historical background that led to its creation.

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