Matt "RAF Dark Earth" Aqua Color Acrylic - 18ml

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The popular Aqua Color colors are available in all 88 shades. Here, the model maker no longer has to make any compromises and can fall back on this acrylic paint system for all his color wishes. The advantages of this paint system:'Revell Aqua Color' paints in completely new 18 ml containers are ideal for processing:• Paints can be thinned with water• Paints are mild-odouring• Paints are non-flammable• Paints contain practically no organic solvents• 88 different colours• Paints can be mixed with each other• After 2 to 3 hours, the paint is completely dry• Painting over a colour is possible after just one hour, i.e. 6 times faster than the 'Enamel Color' paints• The new colours and the existing 'Enamel Color' colours (14ml) can be easily brushed over each other after the drying time has been observed, but cannot be mixed with each otherThe paint is also suitable for airbrushing. Please note the following:• Do not dilute the paint too much• Dilute a maximum of 20 to 25% with water• It is optimal to dilute the paint with "Aqua Color Mix". Among other things, this serves as a drying retardant and prevents the paint from drying too quickly in the spray gun• Clean the spray gun immediately with water after use• If the paint has already dried, the spray gun can also be cleaned with 'Airbrush Clean' or 'Aqua Color Clean'For processing with the brush:• The paints are spreadable and are characterized by high opacity• Smooth surfaces after brushing - almost as good as airbrushing• Final result absolutely comparable to the 'Enamel Color' paints• Exceptional brushing results